We acknowledge that we reside on occupied land of the Kumeyaay people.  Our intention is to steward this land in a way that is respectful, healing, and reciprocal.  We give thanks daily for the abundance that surrounds us and help our children learn to do the same.  


 The past five years on this land was an immersion into nature.  We have learned to live in flow with the seasons, observed the cycles of life (and the confrontation of emotions and truths that come from this witnessing), and cherished the gift of food and medicine from the native and domesticated plants we have cared for. The past five years was also very stressful.  Growing mostly annual vegetables is not sustainable for us or the land.  The more we observe, listen, and learn, the more we crave a slower pace that comes with caring for plants who are more adapted to our climate, who are perennials, and who are medicinal. 


We are now calling in an intimate, slow dance with nature.  We are calling in stillness and gratitude.  We are calling in conversation instead of domination.  We are calling in deeper healing for ourselves and the land.  Join us on our journey through Instagram, blog, and handcrafted herbal creations from Herbcrafter's Portal!