Our Story

Dan Grunow: Owner and Farmer 


Dan decided to make a lifestyle change from construction management to farming in 2013.  Our good friends from Griffin Farm supported his dream and we farmed a half acre parcel on their land, receiving assistance with building infrastructure; planting, harvesting and storing; and operating machinery.  Dan decided he was in love with the rural lifestyle and the freedom and creativity it allowed.


We dove into a move to our 32 acre parcel in Boulevard, CA that we purchased in April 2014.  We hit the ground running and haven't stopped.  Dan is incredibly focused and driven and learns through doing with the help of farming friends, books, and internet research.  He has the grit of a homesteader and an immense patience that is required to navigate the inherent ups and downs of farming.


Dan is the mastermind behind the long range goals of Rose Acres Farm.  He has a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and years of experience in the field of construction.  He does everything from managing the financials to installing a solar system to fixing small engines.  He is also a great papa to our little boy, Lincoln.

Leona Grunow: Owner, Farmer, General Manager


Leona grew up in the outdoors on the Big Island of Hawai'i-hunting, hiking, and playing in the ocean.  Growing up, she worked on 2 ranches, caring for animals and small gardens. 


She has always dreamed of living on a big plot of land and being a modern day homesteader-so it was an easy choice to move to the country and support Dan in his career change.

She is the general manager and everyday scientist, constantly taking notes and trying to improve on last year's harvest.  She is always learning and implementing more regenerative and sustainable techniques on the farm.  She is deeply concerned about the health of the earth and passionate about the health of the community.  She has a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and strongly believes that being healthy starts with the food we eat and the way we interact with the land.

She is thoroughly enjoying raising a boy, Lincoln, on the farm along with her sister and her girl, Lucille.  Everyday is an adventure and an education!

She hopes to bring livestock to the farm, increase the farm's involvement in the community and spread the word about the benefits of regenerative agriculture.

Alanna Bender: Farmer, CSA Manager

Alanna joined our team in December 2015.  She also grew up in the outdoors with her sister, Leona, working on those same ranches. 

She thrives in hard working conditions and has an amazing electric and high energy personality that keeps us going when we start to slow.  She is taking over as CSA manager for the 2019 season!

She also lives on the farm with her husband Russell and their beautiful girl, Lucille.  She too always dreamed of living on a large piece of land, so making the transition from Hawai'i to Boulevard wasn't too hard.

She has a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology and she  is passionate about healthy and clean living.  She love and appreciates the beauty of living in the country.  

Russell Gray: Chef and Part-Time Farmer

Russell is originally from the East Coast, specifically Maine.  He met Alanna after moving to O'ahu, HI and relocated to San Diego to move close to us while raising their girl, Lucille.  Russell schools us on everything winter related since us Hawai'i and SoCal people have no idea what a real winter is like.  

Russell works full time off farm, but when he is here, he is up for anything.  You can usually find him digging beds or holes and splitting wood while listening to sports radio (he is a MAJOR Patriots fan, off course!).  We are hoping to start Farm to Table Dinners for the 2019 season and he will be spear heading the cooking.

He cares for the farm when we go out of town, navigating the trials of homestead life.  The kids love him and so do we!