From the City to the Country: What We've Accomplished This Last Year

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What can I say? We truly love where we are! Here are a few highlights of our accomplishments on Rose Acres Farm this last year.

Last May, we rushed to plant a summer crop just a month after moving in and returned one day to nicely mowed veggie tops and very fat rabbits. We took this as a sign to plant next season and instead shift our focus onto the infrastructure of a working farm.

Dan ran thousands of feet of trench around the property, adding irrigation lines for future plots.

We trimmed trees that had been neglected for years, creating our defensible space around the house in this high risk fire zone.

The chicken coop was set up and chicken wire placed around 4 out of 6 corrals, with hopes of transforming 2 of them into garden plots. We lost 6 chickens to the coyotes, then gained 10 more this Spring. Both corrals are planted with strawberries, asparagus and seasonal crops.

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The cottage on the property is slowly but surely getting fixed as close to its original 1920s grandeur as possible.

Evergreen trees were planted as wind breaks along the property line. Fruit trees were planted along the dirt road, drip irrigation connecting them together. Grapes and nut trees were planted in front of the house and Dan built me my own yard with rosemary and vines among boulders and a nice bed of grass beneath the oaks.

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A greenhouse was purchased and dismantled from the previous property and is in the process of being reassembled.

Everyday there is work and we are grateful for all of the people who have helped us transform this land into our home. We are grateful to live everyday in awe of the miracles around us.

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Photo credit: Cal Whitehill and Alanna Bender

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