The Reasons Why

Over the past year, we have been asked in many different ways why we choose to live the way we do. And that is a legitimate question. Google "Boulevard, CA" and you will find a small town in the middle of nowhere. Dan grew up in La Jolla-surfing daily and never really leaving "the bubble" of beautiful beaches, friends, and family-a far cry from the life we live today. Even though I grew up a little more "country" then Dan-hunting with my parents, hiking, and working on ranches-I have no experience in farming or living quite so far from a town with a grocery store.

I've been thinking about this question the past few weeks as I am on summer break from the school district where I work and have left the farm a measly 3 times. And yet my soul is happy and fulfilled. So here are some of the reasons why:

I live here so I don't have to leash my dog before leaving the house and pick up his poop with a tiny plastic bag.

I live here so that I can appreciate the richness of life without the distractions of the 21st century and the feeling that I need to have the next best gadget in order to make my life better or easier.

I live here so I can watch the sun rise and the sun set.

I live here so I can walk at night with only the light of a full moon to guide me.

I live here so I can see the stars.

I live here so I can understand what it means to have true peace and quiet.

I live here so I can learn who I am when there are no distractions, when I am able to sit quietly for hours and reflect on my life and how I have lived it.

I live here for my future children-so that they will know the sound of the hawk, of the owl, and the coyote. So that they will appreciate and stand in awe of the life around them-trees, animals, the cycles of the moon and sun during the different seasons; and understand that death is a part of life, not something to be feared. So that they will have grand adventures on this land, have freedom to be creative and learn from hands on work, not abstract ideas in textbooks. So that they will know how to hold a conversation, live off the land, find a love to read, and never be bored.

I live here so I can live simply.

snow 2015 horse corrals.JPG

I'm sure I am missing many more reasons. This may answer the question to some and may leave others still baffled. All I know is that we are following our souls and we are affirmed in the decision every day when we wake and are flooded with happiness for the life we have chosen. I only hope that are children will understand and appreciate what we have given them.


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