From the City to the Country, Part 2: What We've Learned This Season

As this year was our first official farming season at our new property in Boulevard, we had, and still have much to learn about our microclimate, pests, and farming in general. The grand thing about farming is that you can only control so much-the rest is up to Mother Nature. What a beautiful life lesson-learning to accept that we do not have control over so many aspects of our life and having faith that it will all work out in hindsight.

This season, we experimented with different vegetables that either flourished or struggled horribly. We rose different types of fencing as our fields were raized by the grateful wildlife. We struggled with irrigation issues and did happy dances after Dan spent hours on the internet, finally solving the problem. Dan had his first experiences with small-engine repair, tree falling, and envy of the neighbor's wood pile. We enjoyed many visitors, some our neighbors here in Boulevard, who revitalized our passion for the place we live in and the work that we do with each visit.

We will continue to build on the knowledge we gained from this season and hope to have a longer season in 2016. Our plans are to get the greenhouse set up and be able to start transplants in late winter and overwinter garlic, potatoes, carrots, and turnips for an abundant early season harvest. We hope to increase our crop yield next year and be better about successive plantings so we can continue to have a variety of produce available throughout the season for our Farm Box customers.

We want to thank everyone who has supported us this learning season, we can not continue this dream without you!!


"I'd rather be on my farm, then emperor of the world" -George Washington

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