Growing A Family On A Farm, Part Two

Our little boy, Lincoln, is now 7 weeks old and I've managed to put in about 2 hours of weeding and planting time and about 5 in office work. I've searched online countless times for blogs or forums written by other farm moms so I can figure out how to get more done. There is nothing to be found! I've come to realize that any work is a great accomplishment and taking care of my little one is my priority and the most important job at this time.

But I will share how I do manage a few hours here and there with a baby who never wants to leave my arms:

1. Wear baby in a sling. I use a ring sling for household and business chores and the Ergo carrier for weeding or harvesting.

2. Farm stroller. If I am using a hoe or doing particularly dirty work, I just wheel the little guy right next to me in the field and alternate between that, the car seat on the ground, and a blanket on top of a row in the shade when he starts to fuss.

3. Work in short bursts. I usually work in 30-45 minute increments and accept that everything takes longer when you need to breastfeed in the middle of tasks.

4. Prioritize. Before starting tasks I talk with Dan and find out which ones are most important. That way, if only one thing got done for the day, at least it was the most important.

5. Appreciate your partner. Dan and I are always complimenting eachother on the work we do, even if it is small. This way I am motivated to continue the tasks and I know that it is appreciated.

I can't wait to see how farm life will change over the next year with Lincoln learning to crawl, walk, and speak. I will keep you updated on how crazy (or perhaps not crazy) this whole endeavor is.


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