Homesteader of the Year

This year, I wanted to acknowledge my sister Alanna’s accomplishments. Alanna moves to the farm two years ago this December and she has amassed an array of new homesteading skills. Alanna has gotten proficient in prepping beds for planting, direct sowing seeds and transplanting, and harvesting/washing. She managed the farm, along with Russell and Luci this year when we were off farm for family vacation. It is so nice to have someone you trust watching the farm when you leave. Alanna learned how to milk goats this year and did so even with Luci strapped in the baby carrier! She learned how to make goat cheese and yogurt. She also began making breads this year-amazing!! While we were away, she learned how to preserve the extra harvest via pressure canning. She has made salsa and tomato sauce and has pickled beets and carrots on her to-do list. She does this all while raising her amazing, spirited girl Lucille. Luci helps her mama out with farm chores as well and loves collecting treasures from the day’s adventures. Alanna also runs online fitness groups and helps inspire people to eat healthy and exercise regularly. As we approach the New Year, we wanted to share our gratitude for the energy and positivity that Alanna and her family bring to the farm. We hope you find the time to reflect on your year, spend time with family and friends, and enjoy the outdoors.

Happy New Year, Leona

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